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Local business listings are responsible for a significant portion of search engine traffic for any well ranking local business. Majority of search engines include their local business results within their map products (e.g. Google Maps), while Google, Yahoo and Bing include them directly in their Search Engine Results Pages. Having well ranking Google+ Business Page, Yahoo Local, Bing Places and HERE PrimePlaces (Nokia Prime Place) listings is paramount to a successful online marketing strategy of a business that operates locally.

97% of consumers search for local businesses online

60% of searchers are more likely to visit a website with a business listing

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Bing, Yahoo, Google Map Optimization – Toronto Business Benefits

A Google+ Business listing functions as your business’ social media account enabling you to be found across Google, face-to-face with your consumers and track social data effectively. Information shared on your Google+ Business listing is included into Google’s search results offering you additional exposure to your existing web marketing campaign. Consumers are more likely to provide feedback on your Google+ Business listing than any other platform.
Once your customer interacts with your business listing, his social connections will discover your website in search results. The social connections of your customers witness a significant increase in your website’s ranking if they are connected to a customer that interacted with your brand on Google+ via Google+ or even Gmail! Optimizing your Google+ Business listing can be the single biggest ranking boost your website will receive.

Our 3 Step Local Business Listing SEO Process