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Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp.
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Developing a brand identity, website and designing the pitch deck used to raise funds pre-IPO. Post IPO, AdWave created and deployed a marketing strategy with focus on SEO.
AdWave worked closely with the capital markets team, assisting them in positioning the company for success in the capital markets. Throughout the course of engagement, AdWave forged the perfect pitch deck that was instrumental in raising funds pre-IPO. Additionally, AdWave created the corporate website that helped support the IPO efforts and that now serves as the company’s first point of contact with investors, partners and potential customers.
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AdWave designed and implemented a marketing strategy focused on inbound organic growth. Over the first few months of the contract, AdWave’s proprietary SEO process brought global first page ranking in Google Search to the company’s website for some of the industry’s most challenging keywords (e.g.: “Alkaline Fuel Cell”).

Google results page progress to #1 position.
Keyword ranking position from July 2021 until November 2021
AdWave developed a comprehensive brand identity strategy that combined messaging, logo design and brand identity design suitable for success in the public markets. The key challenge consisted in communicating the unique value proposition of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp. while giving it a distinctly modern and galvanizing aesthetic.