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Hydravent Systems
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Branding, web design and product rendering created to feature the unique technology offered by an incredibly innovative home automation startup.
AdWave has been incredibly supportive, helping us create a compelling brand identity and website. Their unique understanding of the startup landscape and needs are unparalleled.
Greg Carter
Founder of Hydravent Systems
The ambitious undertaking of the web design project was not only to consciously communicate the unique value proposition offered by the new technology but to also give the customer an ability to interact and engage the startup’s product. The resulting website combines a conscience value proposition and HTML5 interactive animated components that allow the website’s visitors to interact with the product, gaining an immediate understanding of its functionality and value.
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Creating a brand identity that stands out in the space of home automation IOT technology companies while feeling like it belongs was the primary objective. The resulting corporate identity helps attract customer attention while cultivating a sense of trust and familiarity.