AdWave at the Toronto Region Board of Trade Coaching Clinic

Mar 23, 2015
Meet us at the upcoming March 23rd, 2015 Small Business Summit at the Downtown Centre. AdWave will be participating in the Coaching Clinic, offering free consulting to small businesses and helping them solve their marketing challenges.

Schedule a meet

Contact us to schedule a sit down. Our schedule fills up fast but we would like to meet you all. If you do not end up scheduling a time, feel free to drop by our booth and chat with Slava or Oleg any time.

Visit our booth

Visit our booth to meet our team, get help with your marketing challenges and a unique opportunity to earn free publicity for your business. Our on-site videographer will be there to create a 2 minute pitch of your business that we will then spread through our social networks helping your perspective customers discover you.

Recognize Our Exhibitors

Talk to Slava
Slava can help you with all marketing related questions.

Talk to Oleg
Oleg can answer any of your dev or design related questions.